SAA for Women


Our fellowship is open to women and men, regardless of age, race, religion, ethnic background, marital status, or occupation. We welcome members of any sexual identity or orientation, whether they are gay, lesbian, straight, bisexual, or transgender.” — Sex Addicts Anonymous Introduction

Getting Started as a Woman in SAA Meetings

There are many women members in the SAA Fellowship worldwide. Our program has helped women – of all ages, backgrounds and sexual orientations – find recovery from sexual addiction.

However, many women feel uncomfortable attending a local meeting group – particularly if they are the only woman in the room. It is essential for our members to feel they are in a safe, supportive environment. Only when we feel safe can we freely share our personal stories and experience all the benefits of recovery.

Women’s and Women’s Newcomer Supported Meeting of Sex Addicts Anonymous (SAA)

Every Monday, 7pm to 8pm at Rose City Park Presbyterian Church NE 45th and Sandy Blvd (map)

(From the parking lot, follow the ramp up to the top double doors)

Reaching Out for Support

If you are a newcomer and would like to speak to with a fellow woman member, the following Portland SAA members have generously offered their advice and support:

Sarah B.:

Within the ISO of SAA there is a Women’s Outreach Subcommittee (WOSC), made up of women members from around the world. The WOSC meets monthly by tele meeting to discuss and plan ways to carry the SAA message to the female addict who still suffers.

SAA Women’s Outreach Subcommittee:


Many women members find it more comfortable to attend SAA tele meetings as an alternative to in-person meetings. There are usually several telemeeting groups held each day, many of them specifically for women members:

Literature and Other Media

The following pamphlets (approved by the ISO of SAA) are designed to provide information and support for women members and newcomers to the SAA program. These pamphlets are also typically available (free of charge) at local SAA meeting groups.

A Special Welcome to the Woman Newcomer

Safe and Sexually Sober Meetings: Helping Women Feel Welcome in Your Meeting

Getting a Sponsor